dTS @ DSFT Workshop

On March 9th, Thomas Lampoltshammer, coordinator of the dTS project, was invited to join 11 other selected professionals to meet in Vienna to tackle the setting of the foundation for developing a secure & trusted Data Space for Tourism (DSFT).

The experts worked on different aspects of a European Data Space for Tourism blueprint. The dTS project introduced its results and insights gained so far, especially towards the importance of standardized connectors and fundamental governance aspects.

To harness the full potential of data, the European Commission has outlined the European Data Strategy, envisaging a single market where data flows across sectors within the EU for the benefit of society.

The Data Space for Tourism (DSFT) project is one part of this marketplace that shall enable all sector stakeholder groups (e.g., SMEs, governmental agencies, technology firms, and tourism entities at the national, regional, and local scales of operation) to share and access the data they require when they need it.

You can find additional information here.

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